Alejandra Burguette is a textile designer based in New York City. 

A Surrealistic Designer, Opera Singer - Soprano & Performance Artist, BURGUETTE is a multi media artist that works beyond the existing concept producing wearable textile art pieces, artisanal couture accessories, fine art collaged prints and original paintings.

She approaches fashion with a story by preserving craftsmanship, as she creates pieces where no fabric is wasted showcasing the creative process on stage to her audience using her other talent as an opera singer performing along with dancers wearing her designs as a powerful artistic platform maintaining the craft alive with a sustainable approach shown on stage along with the final designs as a continuing process….


She started this idea back when she was very young but began doing it on 2016 as she opened the show at Chelsea piers in 2016 at the Parsons Benefit gala where she sang opera along with the models dancing around her. She introduced the idea of working with both the Mannes school of music and Parsons Design The New School for her thesis as she worked with a composer from the music department for the show as the beginning of an artistic textile music revolution.


After graduating from Parsons School of Design with 2 degrees both in the Associate program and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. She is now working in her design brand.

Burguette has been recognized in the Louvre Museum in Paris, where she exhibited her designs in Le Musée des Les Arts Decoratifs and was selected to be part of the New York Textile month in collaboration with the Cooper Hewitt Museum curated by Lidewij Edelkoort.

She has worked with prestigious stylists like Iconic fashion director Freddie Leiba, photographers and film director and her work has been featured worldwide like in "Signature Magazine, Paris, Lampoon Italian Luxury magazine, VGXW Magazine and been part of the New York Textile Month Talking textiles Issue 1, as well her design was at the cover of Downtown Magazine Debby Harry wearing her design.

Her recent feature was for the french Signature Magazine for the Cannes Film Festival and for an American Express Commercial by film director Norry Niven talking and showcasing her work.